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Who are cloud providers?

Cloud provider are companies that provides resources, infrastructure, platform and software
The organization which provides IT environments like public cloud or managed private cloud
that share scalable resources across the internet. Cloud provider delivers computing based
services and solutions to organisations or individuals. In simple words its an organisation
that provides some form of IT infrastructure, platform and software which is commercially
distributed and sourced across several businesses.
Cloud provider users access cloud resources through the Internet and only need to pay for
resources and services used according to a subscribed billing method.
A cloud provider provider is a third-party corporation providing a cloud-based platform,
infrastructure, utility, or storage offerings. Much like a property owner could pay for an
application which includes energy or fuel, agencies generally have to pay simplest for the
quantity of cloud offerings they use, as business needs require.

Why use a cloud provider?
Using a cloud provider is a helpful way to provide computing services which you would have
to otherwise provide on your own side , such as:

  1. Infrastructure: Infrastructure are the facilities or hardware such as storage provided
    by the cloud provider. It is the baseline or foundation of every computing
    environment. This infrastructure may involve networks , storage , servers, and
  2. Platforms: Platforms are the tools which are required to create and deploy
    applications. These platforms may involve operating systems, middleware , and
    runtime environments.
  3. Software: Softwares are product or Ready-to-use applications. This software can be a
    custom designed application or standard applications provided by independent cloud
    service providers.
    To sum up the above points cloud providers are organizations which provide cloud services
    to users for their betterment as its not at all possible download all such software services ,
    infrastructure, platform to get installed by all your side and continue working. Surely your
    device will not allow. So these are the providers who help you to use cloud services for
    smoothly functioning of your working and provide ease at your side. Similarly they ‘ll also get
    the benefit of those services they provide. So wish thanks to these cloud providers for all that
    they have provided to us.

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