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  • AWS is an Amazon cloud services provider started in 2006.
  • AWS is evaluated as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaS.
  • AWS was using Xen hypervisor and currently aws using a new hypervisor based on KVM with lots of customization.
  • AWS has there presence in 22 Regions and 4 regions has announced as per there road map.
  • AWS has 69 availability zone with 1 Local zone for ultralow latency application. It served in 245 countries and territories.
  • IT has 97 Direct connected Location with 210 point of presence among which 199 edge Location and 11 Regional Edge Cache location.
  • EC2 is a typically a amazon’s customized virtual machine.
  • It is a Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Computing Platform provided by AWS.
  • It refers to a web service that provides to customized compute capacity as per need. It intended for developers to make web -scale computing easier.
  1. Login to Amazon console
  2. Goto All services and click EC2
  3. Click on Launch instance
  4. Select the AMI
  5. Click on launch instance
  6. Download the key pair
  7. And launch instance.

With Amazon EBS, data on the root device will persist and isolated from the lifetime of the instance. Data will remains even if you stop and restart the instance, which is similar to shutting down your laptop and restarting it when you need it again.

With local instance store the data persists with the life of the instance. The data gets deleted This is an inexpensive way to launch instances where data is not stored to the root device

Currently EC2 supports, Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, Gentoo Linux, Oracle Linux, and FreeBSD.

Nano, Micro, Small, Medium, Large and xLarge

Yes, starting  September 2019, vCPU-based instance limits supported in all AWS Regions except the AWS China (Beijing and Ningxia) Regions.